Leadership Nuts & Bolts Series

Leadership Nuts and Bolts series deliver courses with the fundamentals needed for successful leadership. The series will help you to become a better leader in your organization. The leadership fundamentals you will learn are the essentials that will help you when organizing other people to reach a shared goal. Regardless of your position in an organization, whether you are in the management position or leading a project, these fundamentals require you to motivate others to complete a series of tasks often according to a schedule. The course is divided into two parts. Part one has four modules as well as part two. Each module in both parts one and two has three lessons. The following is the breakdown of the course titled - Leadership Nuts & Bolts according to parts and modules:

Part one has the following modules:

  1. Building Your Influence
  2. Communicating Vision
  3. Development Plan
  4. Emotional Intelligence

Part two has the following modules:

  1. Motivation
  2. Leading Business Execution
  3. Leading Change
  4. Leading Innovation


By definition, a leader needs followers to lead. This means that skills in leading and managing people are crucial for effective leaders. However, the ability to lead effectively relies on several key skills, but also leaders have vastly distinctive characteristics and styles. There is, in fact, no one right way to lead in all circumstances, and one of the main characteristics of good leaders is their agility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. In this course, you will learn some of the fundamentals of effective leadership. This course is divided into four modules, and each module into three lessons.

Leadership Nuts & Bolts Part 2

Leadership Nuts and Bolts Part 2 course provides you with an understanding of why motivating strategies are important as a leader. It also provides you with practical techniques for encouraging motivation among employees in your organization. You will also learn the techniques and strategies for executing business strategy, and more importantly, ideas on how to cultivate a culture that supports the active business execution needed to keep pace with today's fast-changing world. Specifically, the course will explore techniques for fostering a culture of business execution, one that leverages planning, people, and practice in an integrated approach to business execution. Furthermore, you will learn strategies for leading changes within an organization, including effective approaches to introducing and communicating change. It also provides practical strategies for dealing with sources of employee resistance to change, and for removing organizational obstacles to ensure the transition is followed through. Finally, this course provides you with an understanding of what an innovative culture is and what qualities a leader needs to best foster innovation. It also provides you with practical techniques for cultivating and leading innovation. The course is divided into four modules and each module into three lessons.